Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best American

You should go get Best American Comics 2008. Evan Larson is in it!

The story behind my knowing E.L. is: we both listen to WFMU a lot and met over the accu-playlist for the Evan "Funk" Davies Show. (The accu-playlist is a list of songs that have been played on the show, with space for listeners to post comments and talk to the DJ and each other.) I was confused at first when E.L. began emailing me, because I didn't know why he was calling himself "Evan," Evan being the name of this radio DJ, but then I figured out that they're both named Evan. I added the two Evans to my two Joes and billion Ryans and then everything was copacetic. But anyway, E.L. is a really swell artist and his blog will tell you more, including that he is funny and has impeccable taste in rock music. He is awesome. He and his fiancee Ann are coming into town pretty soon and I can't wait to meet them IN PERSON.

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