Monday, October 20, 2008

Dream: Oct. 19, 2008

I hung out with Bill, who owns the Ding Dong Lounge, for a while and he said, "You'll be here on Friday? Are you going to stay late?" He had glasses on, which I had never seen on him, and a crocodile-skin vest like Crocodile Dundee wears. I was uneasy around him and didn't want to agree to stay late on Friday. Jeff was palling around with a woman named Marina who doesn't really exist. The two of them left to go to a show somewhere, but first they wanted to get free frozen yogurt in a secret locale I didn't know about. So I followed them. The free frozen yogurt stand was in a patch of overgrown lawn, surrounded by families of skunks walking around its perimeter. It was dawn and the sky was that royal blue it becomes just before the sun comes up. I made my way into the frozen yogurt stand but found no frozen yogurt, only a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy in a birdcage hanging from the ceiling. The dream ended when I released the puppy and played with it and cuddled it.

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j.m. said...

It took me until waaaay late in that before i realized it was a dream.

That's what I get for not reading article titles.