Thursday, October 30, 2008

Events Upcoming

Next weekend, November 7-9, is WHFR fest. Washington Heights Free Radio will be having a showcase of its fun-ness, lasting the whole weekend and culminating in a Sunday full of live shows which will be recorded and re-broadcast. Even before this, on Wednesday 11/5, our own Ryan Lynch is hosting his Bye Bye Bush Bash down at Ace of Clubs, at which a few of us will be DJing between live sets. The flyer here!

Then on Friday the 7th there will be a party at my home, featuring WHFR personalities and probably my bathtub appropriated as a cooler.

After WHFR fest, on Tuesday Nov. 11th, I will be DJing in a much more austere and dignified way at a benefit for Paris Press. This is a wonderful small press that's doing a lot to help bring to light the lesser-known work of women authors. The benefit should be a fun time with lots of beautiful (I was going to refer to it as "wall candy," but that feels wrong somehow) art on the walls. Details here.

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