Thursday, October 16, 2008

Experiment/Weird shit

I am conducting an experiment that's driving me crazy so far but that I think is working. Normally I write longhand a lot -- stuff that isn't part of anything, more like diary stuff, logging what is going on in my life, how I feel, etc. Right now I'm making myself not write longhand at all unless it's a part of this new and very cruel story I'm working on. Everything has to be in the same notebook, sequential, and in the story. Since I've implemented this rule, not only do I have a lot of the story done, I'm also doing a lot of emailing and bill-paying and drawing, things I can do instead of writing longhand when I feel the impulse to do the diary thing. Writing in this new blog is also a by-product of that.

Weird fucked-up shit is happening in my building where I live at. Yesterday my super, whom I've known ten years or so, broke into someone's apartment to rob them. He got arrested and is now moved out of the place, and our front door locks have been changed. This is the latest in a string of extremely unfortunate, inconvenient, sad events that have happened in my building very suddenly. I'm not fearful for my safety, but the whole thing is eerie and is creeping me out. I'm tired of seeing cop cars outside my door all the time. I want something funny or otherwise delightful to cheer me up.


Lawrence and Christine said...

Wow, that is deeply fucked up. There was bad shit in the air yesterday... I had two near-misses at work, my mom went into the hospital, and there were at least three different guys wandering around my neighborhood screaming threats into their cell phones. Hope today is a better day.

Ryan Lynch said...

If it make you feel any better, when I lived on 139 and riverside our super went to jail ... for murder.

So, in a strange way you're lucky yours was just robbing people.

That part of the hood sure is strange, huh ?

Amanda said...

No! I said FUNNY!


Lar, I'm sorry about your mom. Lynch -- I agree. I think it's the sewage plant that does it to people.