Sunday, October 19, 2008

How It Is To Be An Amateur DJ

I don't know anything at all except that Nick Lowe is great and his cuts from the Stiffs Live LP (which I just bought) are unassailable. Um, I also got Sunshine by the Archies and can't wait to play the song "Over And Over," which sounds exactly like "Little Bit O' Soul" by the Music Explosion. The question that's killing me right now: would it be improper to play "Little Bit O' Soul" immediately after the Archies song? It's moot anyway because I don't even have it, but I have the Ramones version that I like pretty well. I have played "Little Bit O' Soul" by the Ramones the past three or four times I've DJed and I don't want people at the bar to notice that I keep playing the same song on multiple nights. I do have a version of it by the Meters but I don't like it at all, it sounds all crappy like it has a drum machine. Anyway. This is the kind of thing that I think way too much about on a day when I'll be DJing later on.

I'm going to play the Ian Dury cuts from the Stiffs Live LP too. Probably I'll end up playing that whole album.

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