Sunday, October 19, 2008

LG, Revealed

"me" is me. "Amanda" is Amanda B., who lives in Princeton NJ.

me: you called me, slut?
Amanda: yes, you sloppy courtesan!
i was calling to talk about laundry guy
me: ah yes. you mean peter
Amanda: how do you know his name now?!
me: jeremy told me. the bartender I tried to have a crush on for a second
Amanda: ah
me: I decided not to have a crush on him, but he did tell me the name of laundry guy.
Amanda: did he tell you what laundry guy does for work? this is what i was calling to speculate about
me: ahhhhh. no, he did not tell me this! I don't know if anyone knows!
He was dressed like someone who works at kinko's
Amanda: !!!!
me: but his shirt did not have a kinkos insignia.
Amanda: that would be awesome
me: he had on a blue button down shirt and khakis
Amanda: you could get LG to xerox zines for you for free
me: duuuuuuuuuuude
Amanda: you could dog walk his dog in exchange
me: but LG is so gross, seriously
Amanda: you love LG
me: his face is so ruddy and crater-y
Amanda: ew
me: and his beard has grown longer
Amanda: i dont think ive seen LG up close
oh no!
last time he just had some stubble
me: yeah, dude, he's not for you.
Amanda: oh, i think he's your man
me: now he has like a three-four-inch goatee
Amanda: it's not like he hangs out in the yankee doodle taproom
that's where i roll
me: well, we'll see what transpires between me and laundry guy. it might yet happen.

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Amanda said...

goddamn gmail for archiving everything indiscriminately, even LG chat.