Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Is The Only Thing I Would Ever Make A Map For

One advantage of knowing the Upper West Side/Morningside/Hamilton Heights/Washington Heights section of Manhattan so well: I see the same people a lot, and exactly two of these are cute boys.

Below is a comprehensive, non-interactive map of the neighborhood I live and work in (and am always in), with a sampling of places where I have seen Adam and Jeff. It would be cool if I found other boys cute enough, and frequently-seen enough, to note where I saw them, but sadly there aren't any more. I don't include boys who are really close friends of mine. They are cute, but it's not the same.

(ADAM used to work with Joe M. at the Kim's video outlet on Broadway and 115th, until this closed down last month. At the Kim's-is-closing party, he hugged me while drunk and then asked, "Wait, what's your name?" In addition to going to CCNY Adam lives in the west 90s, which is my dog-walking beat. He is tall and skinny and has cool bristly black hair. I don't know how old he is but I'm sure he's very young, still being in college. He has a lot of girls around him a lot of the time, walking around with him, flirting with him at the video store, and texting him on his phone. I surmise that that building he lives in is his parents'. It's unlikely that he will see this, because we aren't friends.)

(JEFF is a bartender at the Ding Dong Lounge who also works at the bookstore with Ryan T. He's applying for a degree in library science and this is very cute. I should be careful with what I say about Jeff, because we do actually know each other and I want him to keep being nice to me on my DJ nights, pouring me shots I never asked for. Jeff is from Pennsylvania with big shoulders and cool glasses. He has a beard, which might make you think he's 30 or so; in fact he's a lot younger, though he could pass for 30 easily, because of being gruff and sarcastic yet also quite polite and decorous. He has fifty girls all over him at all times. Jeff told me he knows how to butcher animals. You can probably tell that of these two dudes I like him a little better.)


Amanda said...

What about L.G.?

Amanda said...

Oh fudge, now I might have to write a whole separate post all about L.G. even though he is YOUR boyfriend. Eff you dude.

Amanda said...

I just noticed there's a mistake on this map. I lose!