Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Times

I have a whole half-day off and then I am DJing tonight! Lucky me. I'm right now laundering and listening to records. It's fun.

Here's a post Ryan Call wrote on HTMLGiant about the Secret Santa ring they are running. I'm going to participate, and you should too! Secret Santa is cool. It occurs to me that it's been a long time, years and years, since I last did something like that, either focused on independent publishing or not.

Thanksgiving this year will find me in Brooklyn with a few friends and hopefully not too much open hostility. I love Thanksgiving, mainly because of how much I love eating, but this particular group of friends (including me) have been known to argue with each other constantly. I just hope that doesn't get out of hand, is what I'm saying. The turkey v. tofurkey debate has already been won, by turkey, because we are eating at the home of Shay the vehement anti-vegetarian. Tofurkey had its day last T-giving, when Dave the vegetarian hosted. Dave ate part of the tofurkey and later, I assume, cuddled with it.

There is no Nazario Scenario tonight because so many of us WHFRrs are out of town -- the DJing alluded to above is a Ding Dong stint. But here is a cartoon I just drew about it for the WHFR program guide that Vern is making.


tristan said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gregory said...

I'll be sure to bring peace tomorrow by constantly agreeing with anything Shay says. It's the only way. ;)