Friday, November 21, 2008


Ryan Lynch recently showed me a link to a site called Bacon Today, which is promoting a Thanksgiving entree called the Turbaconducken. This, as you may have hoped, is a turducken wrapped in bacon.

I thought it looked like a masterpiece of culinary excess, and couldn't wait to, maybe not make one myself, but eat a piece of one that someone else had made.

When I read the recipe I discovered not only that the turkey is wrapped with bacon after being stuffed with the duck and chicken, but that the chicken and duck are also wrapped in bacon.

The thing seems pretty easy to make. The recipe is here.


Gregory said...

Anything wrapped in bacon is perfection itself.

Ryan Lynch said...

god i want to make this for thanksgiving so bad.

ps. thanks for coming out the other night ! was great to see you and vern's faces in the audience !

Ryan Lynch said...


I prefer to call it TURBO-DUCKEN

ryan call said...

god that looks so delicious

Kim said...

About turducken: am I the only person who finds it totally unappetizing for a food to begin with "turd?"

About bacon: I found a recipe for roasted pecans with bacon. Two batches have I made, and both were gobbled by the masses and pronounced crack-like in their appeal.

Amanda said...

Hahahahaha! TURDucken makes me laugh way too much. Much like saTURDay.