Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Things I thought about when the election was called:

My mother and stepfather, who are from Europe, both became U.S. citizens so they could vote in this election.

I'm housesitting in an apartment on the Upper West Side whose rightful tenants went to Ohio to volunteer. This is a neighborhood full of richies who need their chairs pulled out for them, etc., but Broadway has been alive with whooping and horn-honking and stuff. Rowdiest it's ever been down here.

The day after Election Day 2004 was one of my least favorite days ever. Walking around New York seeing everyone so sad, not wanting to look at each other -- this made me feel bad in such a deep way. I can't wait to walk around tomorrow. I think?

Yeah, I dunno. I don't usually love talking about politics, because I think I sound boring when I do. But gots to have said something or other. Yep, I voted. I always vote, I just don't talk about it. Usually.


Scott Garson said...

still on a rush about this. Every morning I'm like, Shit! It really happened!

Amanda said...

Me too! Oh yes, something else about revelry on the affluent/liberal Upper West Side: the morning after, I noticed empty boxes strewn around outside the Godiva chocolate store.

Amanda said...

I think what did it for me was reading a story today (in the Washington Post?) about all the Bush policies Obama is planning to overturn. At some point during the last eight miserable years, I just grew so accustomed to absolutely nothing working out (politically) as I'd like it to. And now all that bullcrap gets to be overturned! Amazing!