Monday, December 29, 2008

Staple Collage

I made this collage just now out of stuff that I didn't have any specific use for. It was all lying around my desk and my living room, not being useful for anything, but not wanting to be thrown away. I didn't cut anything and I didn't even use glue, just staples.

Now that the collage is done and has been scanned in and posted here, I think it's okay for me to throw it away. But I'm not sure if I will, even so, now that it's become grander than the sum of its parts.


The blog I like today is Eric McHenry's blog Evan Said It. Eric is a great poet, but devotes his blog entirely to exploiting his son Evan and daughter Sage, publishing their precocious, adorable quotes. This blog will be on my blogroll soon.


It took me a really long time to finally download new updates for iTunes; I was running version 7.1 for like a year. Now I have 8.0.2, which includes the Genius tool, which I have been using. What Genius does is create playlist "sets" of similar-sounding music, so if you're in the mood for a certain kind of sound you don't have to make a playlist yourself. Genius has just told me that "Oh! Sweet Nothing" by the Velvet Underground is similar to "Turn a Square" by the Shins. But is it?


Ranger said...

Inspired by your techie prowess, I, too, just downloaded the most recent iTunes, mostly so I could try out this Genius thingie. But alas! Genius was "temporarily unavailable." I got a message saying that it could not match up any song at all with Alejandro Escovedo's "Crooked Frame," but that in the meantime, it highly recommended that I download some Beyonce.

Amanda B. said...

I just want to know why on earth one of those high school yearbook name cards was just lying about! I know you've lived in that apt. for a million years, but high school was definitely a million and a half years ago now.

Amanda said...

Amanda: My mom mailed me a stack of those cards a little while ago. I think it's funny that we ever used them -- 18-year-olds graduating high school, we had no phone numbers or addresses, just our names.

Melissa: So far, every time I request a Genius playlist, these two songs are on it: Do You Realize by the Flaming Lips and Boys Don't Cry by the Cure.

Daniel Bailey said...

that even said it blog is awesome. i work with kids (teenagers) and they say some pretty hilarious things. examples.

a kid asking for hydrocortozone cream: "can i have some...uh...homo...cloggings?"

some kid asking something that i'm unsure of: "can we ninjas?"

some kid threatening staff: "i'm going to shove that clipboard up your ass and carry you around like a popsicle."