Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things Not Discussed

WHFR is on vacation until 2009, but when I come back I want to do another "talking" show. Last night Joe and I used one of my mic breaks to talk about how 2008 was, as well as discuss various vagaries of music and radio, and I enjoyed doing this, only I don't think I said as much as I wanted to.

Something I really wanted to treat more fully: the issue of desperation. I'm worried that, in saying I had a terrible year and felt desperate all the time, I may have made everyone (incl. myself) all sad. What needs to be said is that feelings of desperation or anxiety can fuel bursts of creativity and "doing." Boredom can do this too (I caught Ana talking a bit about boredom later on in the night, paraphrasing Proust in her Zine Show). When my friend Johnny said he misses his desperation, I told him he doesn't -- what he misses is the urgency that rises out of it.

Also, I didn't have as terrible a year as all that. A lot of good things happened with my writing and DJing, and I met tons of amazing new friends. Possibly I'm telling myself right now that I had a bad year, through the lens of winter solstice darkness and holiday stress overload.

Joe, are you up for a New Year interview? It would be rad! I look forward to a heavier Joe on-mic presence anyway, with Ryan T's return to the webwaves.

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