Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Am Tired Thoughts

If I weren't so tired, I'd draw something right now and then scan it in and post the scan. The drawing would be of me talking to the young man behind the counter at the ARChive of Contemporary Music holiday sale as he was bagging up my records. He was wearing his parka and scarf indoors and looked pretty cold.

You know the DayQuil high? Isn't it great? I have never done Ritalin, but I imagine the effects of DayQuil are similar: you're alert and speedy. It happens every time I recover from a cold, as now: I keep taking the drugs a few days after the cold is gone, and get a ton of writing done. (NB: I do not drink during the course of medication, nor should you; acetominophen + booze = liver failure.) My mother, never a big drug user even in the sixties, has said she once in a great while did coke and then vacuumed the house. If you know my mom that is funnier.

I walked Luke today by himself, because his sister, Leia, had lately eaten a bunch of dark chocolate and had to go to the vet. Luke and Leia are Cocker Spaniels.

Future short stories of mine will include a lot more drawings. They will also be better, and less about stupid bullshit.

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Karl-Erik said...

stupid bullshit sells