Monday, January 12, 2009


JAMIE IREDELL is my friend, and he has a new chapbook out called ATLANTA. It's being released as part of the ACHILLES CHAPBOOK SERIES. You can GO THERE NOW to buy it, and I HOPE YOU DO.

I haven't bought it yet, because something is wrong with my Pay Pal account, but that is the ONLY reason why I haven't bought it. I realize that's a flimsy excuse. Please understand that if I can't figure out the Pay Pal problem by tonight, I will buy the chapbook ATLANTA with my regular credit card, which is something you can also do.

ATLANTA contains stories and prose poems. Jamie is smart and funny in a forthright, brazen way. He comes out with guns a-blazin'. You will like his words.

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Jamie Iredell said...

U R da Shit. N I heart U