Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Miss Reading

A symptom of my life being too crazypants: it's been weeks since I read anything. My Goodreads account is covered in cobwebs (or so I assume). I was enjoying Best American Short Stories 1998 for a while, given to me by its former owner Cristin, but stopped in the middle of my so-far favorite because the book was too big to fit in the purse I was carrying. This is silly. I'm going to take a bunch of books to the housesitting gig I'm starting tonight, and think about reading them all, and feel smarter and better about myself even though I will probably not get beyond page 5 of the first one.

My favorite story in Best American '98 was "Wayne In Love" by Padgett Powell.


Rangeroo said...

I have felt the same way lo these many months. That's why I have decided to reread all of Faulkner! One down (As I Lay Dying), many more to go. Thank goodness.

Kim said...

I was thinking this morning about how, when all kinds of blog-worthy things are going on in my life, I'm too busy to blog.