Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I... Use Twitter Now?

I use Twitter now. Please nobody make a big deal out of this.


j.m. said...

oh god. why?!

Try as I may, I can't accept twitter. And this worries me. This makes me feel like I'm an old fogey and twitter is "rock music."

I don't want to be an old fogey. But I can't accept twitter.

(Maybe if I had some sort of smartphone... then I could update twitter from whatever toilet I was sitting on.... and always be up-to-the-minute about what every single one of my twittering friends saw a barista do........ yeah, MAYBE then I could accept twitter.)

Amanda said...

Why did I KNOW that you'd be the one to make a big deal out of this even when told not to?

My conjecture: misanthropes do not like Twitter. Brilliant, right?

I think it, like all powerful things, can be used for good just slightly less easily than for evil.

Amanda B. said...