Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Sidebar Fodder

Pretty soon, maybe even right now, I'm going to revise my blogroll. I don't like the way it looks with the names jumping to the top as soon as the blogs are updated. At first I thought I would like that, but I don't.

I'm not going to remove any names unless the people have blogs with URLs that don't exist anymore. If you want off my blogroll, please alert me. I will be offended, but only a little bit, because I understand how these things are.

More excitingly, there will be tons of NEW people on my blogroll. I'm going to put Daniel Bailey there, as his reward for liking my Secret Santa gift. I'm going to put Evan "Funk" Davies there, because then I will have three Evans on my blogroll in addition to three Ryans. Many good things will happen. If you would like to be on my blogroll, let me know. If I have met you, even if it's on the emails, I will probably say yes.

I'm using the little portable record player I just bought as a "home unit," testing the claim on the website of the store I bought it at that said I could do this. It has standard RCA output. "Mystery To Me" by Fleetwood Mac sounds fine on it! This confuses me, because when I took it to the Ding Dong and hooked it to the mixer there it sounded all distorted and crappy. Audioheads, please advise.


Daniel Bailey said...

i am good at high-fiving too, which you will learn if you go to awp.

Amanda said...

This is the most convincing argument for my going to AWP I've heard so far.

Espee said...

Yes many new TTs have "line level" RCA outputs.
It is likely the mixer you plugged it into is crappy, or you are plugging it into XLR (mic level) input, or you might be putting it through a Phono pre-amp, which is an unnecessary stage. If you plug it into a standard DJ mixer, make sure the input is "line" (like a CD player. (I think)

Amanda said...

Espee, thank you! The problem is that I know every place I'd take this TT to would have a crappy mixer, most likely.