Sunday, January 4, 2009

State of Things

This weekend, I inquired about playing records in a new place, where I had just had a delightful lunch with Helen and my little sister Alex. If I get the gig I will be really happy and may make a move away from dog walking. Also this weekend, I bought a crap-ton of new music and am heading back downtown today to buy a portable turntable.

In a record store I overheard a mean crusty guy tell another mean crusty guy, "That woman shouldn't be buying all that stuff." I was going to put some of it back, but because I heard that I went upstairs and bought all of it. I'm not sorry. I think I might return today to buy the Ventures Onstage Around the World and the Vanilla Fudge album I saw. (Yes, I was stuck in the "V"s when I decided to leave.) I wonder if whispering mean things in record stores is really a strategy to get stubborn people like me to buy more records.

I downloaded Mojo, which allows you to take songs from friends' iTunes libraries without leaving the comfort of your desk chair. I can't get it to download anything i.e. function properly, but I'm having fun window-shopping among other people's iTunes libraries. Download Mojo and add me.

I continue to write and draw. Right now I'm still working on personal-essay-type stuff, about which I'm pretty happy and excited, but talking about that makes me miss writing fiction. I feel now like I should start writing more fictional stories. An older lady whose dog I walk keeps asking to see some of my work, and the thing I most want to show her is this term paper I wrote a couple of years ago about Chaucer.

This is not a very interesting blog post.


I think I'm not getting my mail, or at least not packages. If you sent me something and I haven't said anything about it yet, it's because I never got it because my mail hasn't been coming.

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