Thursday, January 8, 2009


1. I never noticed before that the individual wax-paper squares the coffee cart guy uses are called "Handy-Wacks."

2. There is this other dog walker who works around me, who is really super friendly. For some reason, I hate him and cringe when I see him approaching, knowing he is going to greet me and make hokey comments about the dogs I am walking. Why should I hate this person? It's baffling.

3. Last night I had some technical problems at WHFR and fucked up slightly, not just once, but a few times, and I was upset about it. But then I got a nice email from a friend who said it was no big deal and he had fun listening. This made me feel good. Feedback like that (as opposed to feedback of the type I had because I was talking too close to the microphone! ZING!) is very very important. Constructive criticism is also very important, so if anybody who listens to my show has any, I want to hear it. But mainly I want to hear compliments.

4. If I can get enough money together in the next few days, I am going to AWP. I have to go to AWP so I'm not a miserable failure at everything I do in life, but also because a lot of my far-flung writing friends will be there assembled. If I don't go I won't see them all, and that will make me sad.


Dusty said...

Yes! I'll be there and so we'll have to get lots of drinks.

If only there were swimming holes in downtown Chicago....

Vanessa said...

HI! Where can I hear your archives? I'd love to leave you some compliments.

Amanda said...

Dave, heh. I am SURE we can find a pool in somebody's hotel, and that will have to do!

Vanessa -- Our archives are coming soon (I know we've been saying this for a year, but they really are)! So when they are up I will let everyone know. Thanks prematurely for the compliments.