Monday, January 12, 2009

Why Can't You Be Like Endicott

Just watched You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story. I have really liked that crazy/disturbing/genius album for a while, like five years or so? Six years? My ex-boyfriend had it in our place, and I took it off the shelf and listened to it one night when he was away on a six-week business trip and I was really lonely. It was then the only thing I wanted to listen to for the whole rest of the time until he came back. A couple of nights ago when I was at Vern and Joe's I discovered that Joe had the movie (about the re-release of "You Think You Really Know Me" in 2002 and the producers' quest to find Wilson and meet him), so I borrowed it.

Wilson has played in New York a couple-few times since that re-release, but I missed him.

The documentary is all right. The main thing I come away with from it: Gary Wilson's hometown of Endicott, NY is like others in upstate New York I've seen -- towns that have, sadly, been on the wane for decades. If you're a kid growing up there, there is very little to do but see horror movies and make art. Like Mark Borchardt of American Movie did growing up outside Milwaukee. (What was it again that Proust said about boredom being the great catalyst for art?) Gary and the Blind Dates are lucky that they started so young, and that they had the talent to see that one album through. The secondary thing I come away with: Gary Wilson seems like a really nice man, eccentric and a bit shy, but articulate, polite, all of this. No weirder than your not-very-weird single neighbor. I'm not sure why I hadn't expected that, but I hadn't.

One last thing: all this Gary Wilson nostalgia reminded me of the place where I first read about Gary Wilson, a site called Show and Tell Music curated by a guy named Will. Just went back there, after having been away for years, and found it's been overhauled and Show and Tell Music is now a record label. That's cool, Will.

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