Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last night while I was DJing, Andrew got into the DJ booth. As I hugged him he said, "Don't hug me, I'm dirty." He showed me that he had tar all over his arms. He said that he was exhausted from mixing drywall all day, pouring tar, doing other things, and smoking pot, also all day. His coat smelled like pot.

Later, he came to the sill of the DJ booth and put his arms on it and his head on his arms. He said, "Can I come home with you? Do you have clean socks and a shower?" We talked about Dungeons and Dragons. He instructed me in how to make salmon burgers from canned salmon. He said, "Do you have breadcrumbs? Are they flavored or plain? Do you have an egg?" then fell asleep with his head on the sill of the DJ booth. When he woke up he took pliers out of his pocket and fiddled with the mixer, grounding the speakers.


Lost Out There said...

Hi Amanda..just wanted to say I like your blog and am now a subscriber..this is Kevin by the way (Sabaku/Sudan).:-) Let me know the next time you DJ live I'd like to come!

Amanda said...

Hi Kevin! Thanks!!!!

I'm going to be at the Ding Dong this Saturday the 28th, and then on Tuesday a bunch of us WHFR types will be doing short sets.