Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling The Illinoise

Here I am, having arrived safely at AWP registration! Already there've been some delightful adventures and misadventures here; I know that, come Saturday, I'll be sorry to leave.

I've decided to record my experience at this year's AWP on Twitter. Most likely I won't have time to also update this blog, so if you are wondering about my emotions and encounters during AWP '09 or are just ravenous for all the different AWP perspectives, please look at my Twitter page.

2008 was a weird year. I didn't do as much writing as I wanted to, but I did get myself, somehow, to this interesting place where I'm more comfortable sharing thoughts, stuff that used to be embarrassing or just unclear. I can see that slight shift in evidence now that another year has come and gone and we're all back at AWP walking the walk.

I didn't sleep all yesterday and now my contact lenses are all cloudy. Result 1: I have been getting lost in the streets. Result 2: I keep thinking I see people I know, but can't be sure it's them. Have to look away before the stranger, if it is indeed a stranger, realizes I'm staring at him/her.

Now here's my nugget of annoying patronism for the day: It seems to me that people in Chicago are nicer and more helpful than people at home. Also, they have a better sense of direction. Everyone knows where east and west is. In New York, you'd be surprised by how many people do not.

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Topics in my Repertoire: said...

As a former Chicagoan, I might point out that this is not inherent; the lake is always to the east and everyone knows where the lake is ... that's how I learned directions.