Monday, February 9, 2009


The Scottish Terrier won the Terrier Group at this year's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show tonight. Here's a picture of the dog in question.

I learned a while ago that Scottie images are the most frequently collected of all the dog breeds -- figurines, salt and pepper shakers, iron-ons, etc. with a Scottie theme are more likely than other dog images to increase in value. This is because Scotties are collected by three distinct types of people, all with considerable clout: people who own Scotties, people of Scottish descent, and... waaait for it... people named Scott. It's true.

Why is that funny to me? It is, anyway.

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Lin Swimmer said...

Goddamn that is a clean looking dog. My grandma had a Scottish terrier. His name, I believe, was Robbie. He and I shared a birthday. His hair was always tangled and matted and almost converting into dreadlocks, and I used to wonder how he could see where he was going, and he smelled like cigarettes, though I don't think he smoked. Sometimes he would swim, slowly, if you threw a stick into a reservoir. I really loved him. Maybe as much as my grandmother. Thinking on it, I didn't know her that well.