Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some Thoughts

I have all but totally decided NOT to accept the job I was recently offered. I like working at the City College writing center and I really, really very much, like being a dog walker. Call me immature and short-sighted (go on, do it!), but teaching 3 hours a day five days a week is a lot of work. It's like hosting the Tonight Show. Yes, if I taught an ESL class it would definitely bear marked similarity to the Tonight Show in many ways. And that would be great, only it would not pay enough to be my only job... and if I had TWO teaching jobs, writing and music stuff would get sidelined and I'd be miserable. I can see it all now. Oh, and also the company is housed in the same building where my ex-boyfriend works.

But if you, NYC-based reader, would like this job, please let me know.


This just in: I'll be staffing the CCNY table at the AWP bookfair. Please come by and talk with me, AWP-attending reader, about how nice it is to get your Master's at City College!


I would like to volunteer at the WFMU marathon this year, but I'm not sure if my schedule will allow it. Hope it do. As I mull this decision over, I am recalling what a nice time I had at the WFMU record fair back in the fall. Here you see a video of the crazy Israeli band Monotonix performing there crazily and dangerously, with E.L. and myself in the audience. E.L. is wearing a puffy tan jacket. I'm on his right wearing a puffy red vest.


Right now I am packing for Chicago and readying myself emotionally for that trip, but I may cut out briefly to see a WBAR show at the Underground Lounge. I played hooky from writing workshop because of stressed-ness and would feel guilty about going out, but am hard-pressed to think of a better form of stress relief. (Forgive me, writing groupers, if I do go.) If more shows were this near my home and at 2 in the afternoon, I would love the world more. A LOT more.


Kim said...

You're not immature and short-sighted, you're brilliant and strong not to let the artist in you get squashed by what other people think you should be doing. Walk those dogs, girl!!

Amanda said...

Kim, that's so kind to say. Thank you.