Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dig Deeper

Give a few dollars to WFMU, won't you? This is the freeform radio station to which so many other stations are indebted, its unusual content and discrete personalities being an inspiration to all who listen. (Count our own Washington Heights Free Radio among the inspired: certainly not all, but many of our DJs volunteer for FMU and there's some HFR/FMU dovetailing in friendships and music-related jobs.) They celebrated 50 years on the air last year and are beloved around the world.

You have probably at least heard of WFMU, but if you have never heard it, take a listen to their web stream at their site here, where you can also put in your pledge.

WFMU's annual pledge drive "marathon" is going on now. This station remains good and true because it has never advertised; 100% of its revenue comes from the public. You should give them a little money, get a little cool prizes, and enjoy doing something a little important for once, you slob.


Derek Barham said...

Hi Amanda,

My name is Derek Van Barham. I am currently pursuing an MFA in Acting from Roosevelt University in Chicago. For my interpretation of literature class, I am performing one of your poems. Part of the assignment is to find out information on our poet. When you get a chance, I have a few questions for you (nothing serious...just meaning/context whatnot). Thank you.

Amanda said...

Hey, why didn't this publish?

It said, "Hi Derek, I am writing to you now."