Friday, March 13, 2009

A Sad True Story

I fell in love with a man on the subway this morning, in the space between 110th and 86th Streets. He was carrying a long cardboard tube, which I'm guessing contained a neon light bulb. After I had fallen in love with him, but before I said anything to him, he exited the train. I am going to make the presumption, based on almost nothing, that he went into Mike's Hardware on 88th -- but I do not know for sure, and I never will.


j.m. said...

...unless you start going to Mike's Hardware EVERY SINGLE DAY!

It's not stalking if you're in love. Or so I hear.

Amanda said...

Oh but WHY would he go to the hardware store AGAIN after he had returned and replaced his light bulb that one time???

Brian said...

Would you have been so enamored if his tube were short?