Friday, April 10, 2009

Bakery Talk

It's about to be Easter. I find it interesting that my local standby, EuroPan, carries hot cross buns during Lent only, but makes/sells hamantaschen, which are a Purim food, all year. I remember well when you couldn't get a fresh-baked hamantasch anywhere except for around Purim, and that that's what made Purim so special for silly Gentiles like me. You also could get hot cross buns only the weekend of Easter -- many Christians say they are just for Good Friday. My wish to deprive myself of baked goods during the time when they are not seasonally appropriate: is this a religious impulse, or a reluctance to break with tradition, or a sign that I'm fearful of change, or an obsession with playing by the rules... or what? I will also say that, while both types of baked good mentioned above are delicious, hamantaschen are better than hot cross buns because they're filled with stewed fruit. To fill hot cross buns with stewed fruit would not be very Lenten.

Loving pastry is a trait I get from my father. (Others include daydreaming and getting really angry when we spill things.) When I was a kid, on weekends when we were together, he would make cappuccino and go to Lafayette bakery for a feast of danish; our faves were cherry-cheese, prune, almond, and the spiral-shaped raisin. My memories of drinking sweet milky coffee and eating danish at my dad's apartment, in front of Saturday morning cartoons, are very fond.

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