Friday, April 17, 2009

Dream: April 16, 2009

Jessamine and I were walking around the waterfront of a very decrepit, possibly post-apocalyptic city. She had a slip of paper in her hand with an address on it. At this address there was supposed to be a brunch party. We found the building, which was a tall skinny high-rise that was swaying looking like it would fall down, and went in. When we got to the proscribed apartment, one of the hosts was this guy from Wisconsin I used to date but haven't seen for many years. He pulled me into the bathroom and we started making out more or less unsuccessfully. Later, the party switched venues to an outdoor bazaar-like place that was basically a parking lot with a tent over it. There was a mind-boggling array of food and drink, and new guests kept driving up and unloading more. Wisconsin took me aside and said he didn't like any of this food and wanted chips and dip. I left the party to go buy some. Once the party was out of my sight, the city turned into a wooded valley with tall, slippery, treacherous outcroppings of stone and a voice-over started telling me about its history. Some heroic personage was once hanged there; the original monument to him had been destroyed but a tree shaped like a cross had grown in the monument's place, and that tree had been preserved. If you crawled all the way to the top of the cliff/stone and put your head in between two square rocks, you could hear crows calling a cry that sounded like, "Hang! Hang!" I did this, and heard the crows, and felt thrilled and amazed. It was raining.


Kim said...

When I was a teenage virgin with raging hormones, I had recurring dreams about bears trying to get me. Years later I read that bears in dreams are a sex symbol and this made me chuckle, as I had been relieved of my virginity by then and the dreams had gone away.

So the other day my alarm clock woke me from a dream of bears. In the dream, I had moved into a new house in a wooded area and there were bears, bears, everywhere. One was in the driveway, one was trying to get into the back door. (Ha, I just now realized---well, you know.)We walked around the property to a place where firewood was chopped, and there were enormous bears there, taller than the trees even.

This dream also made me chuckle, because this time it's not deprivation that's making me dream of bears.

Somewhere in this comment is a clue as to why I'm not maintaining my own blog lately! I know, this is TMI.

Amanda said...

Ohh, I love your TMI, Kim. But I really hope the blog neglect has nothing to do with your back door! :)