Thursday, April 30, 2009


Feeling cranky and good at the same time. ("I'm happy AND angry!" -Ralph W.) In my last tutoring session, I saw that a guy, a native Spanish speaker, had written the word "embracement" in his paper when he meant, I think, "acceptance" or "resignation." I argued with him for a couple of minutes, insisting that "embracement" wasn't even a word -- but to confirm it, I went to the dictionary and found out... yes, it is a word. Boy, was I embarrassed. And not at all embraced.


Em*brace"ment\, n. [Cf. F. embrassement.]

1. A clasp in the arms; embrace.

Dear though chaste embracements. --Sir P. Sidney.

2. State of being contained; inclosure. [Obs.]

In the embracement of the parts hardly reparable, as bones. --Bacon.

3. Willing acceptance. [Obs.]

A ready embracement of . . . his kindness. --Barrow.


Coming soon to my WHFR show: my dumbass friend Joe D., this hyperactive type from New Jersey, will be talking to me and playing whatever songs you listen to while you're hoarding cans of discontinued Sparks with Ritalin and trying to impress punk girls by doing skateboard tricks. Perhaps he will shotgun a Sparks during the show. I have tried to say nice things about Joe, but he prefers to be insulted.

Oh no, wait, I like those kinds of songs too?


Joe D. said...

hell hath no fury...

Amanda said...

I HATE YOU! (slams door) (sobbing)