Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nazario Scenario Talk

I just listened to an old, very spotty Nazario Scenario from over the summer that had not been archived on the WHFR site before. Part of me wants to just delete the recording now. It's pretty embarrassing. Here's what's embarrassing about it: Long pauses between songs as I navigate the cassette player. VERY LOUD BED MUSIC + mumbling very far away from the microphone. Extremely "bold" or polarizing or unpopular song choices mixed in with songs that were played frequently on WFMU shows I listened to that month. I really, really hate that I let myself do all this.

But also, I'm happy that my podcast has gotten so much better in this short a time. I'm going to leave the recording up for now. You can listen to it, in case you have ever felt like doing something like this but figured you weren't good enough. I am not good enough, but I do it anyway. You too?


Adam Robinson is cool. I'd believe that even if he weren't currently using one of my illustrations as the Publishing Genius web banner!


Adam R. said...

Whoa, I gotta go back to school. Your radio show is AMAZING. Where've I been? Why isn't there someone to tell me about this? I'm going to evangelize.

Amanda said...

Ad-Rob! Nice to get snaps from you, who initiated a conversation about Cheap Trick in Chicago after buying me an Old Style. I'll take you to school, pard.

Joseph said...

I like this show. The mic breaks have a sort of sound-art quality to them. And the music selection is fine. Though I'm not sure exactly which songs were played. Because the mic breaks have a sound-art quality to them.

Amanda said...

Fresh! Ooh you kid!