Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I was out of coffee, so I drank black tea, a teabag of it. My mom and stepfather are European and brew loose tea twice a day, but I don't have any (or a teapot!) so PG Tips would have to do. PG Tips is a brand of English tea that comes in teabags; it's like a "working man's" tea. My stepfather calls it "PG Tits." In our family, calling it this is completely acceptable and inoffensive. (I was going to include some more of my stepfather's indelicate nicknames for things here, but I think it better to parcel them out slowly over my long, long writing career.)

The thing about PG Tips is that it makes my head hurt! Every time I drink it, as now, I get this bad headache in my third eye chakra. Oh, don't pretend you don't know where that is. Why should this be? I know that some tea has more caffeine in it than coffee, but if this is the case with PGT I don't think that's the reason for the headache. More like tannins or preservatives or somethin'. Fudge, I don't know. But I should stop drinking it, and I would if this 20-year caffeine addiction didn't have me so firmly in its thrall.

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