Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey, remember when I told you Jamie Iredell was good and you should buy his chapbook ATLANTA? Well, now that you have done so, and this was already a couple of months ago, you're eager to read more of his stuff, right?

Today, you can breathe easy. There is a "prequel" to ATLANTA, entitled BEFORE I MOVED TO NEVADA, out now on Publishing Genius. It can be read online here. The cover art was done by Christy Call, who is extremely good also.


I have just gotten an acceptance letter from SmokeLong Quarterly -- I'll be in their next issue. SLQ is one of my favorite journals, either online or off, and I'm very happy.


Lawrence said...

Who rocks more than you? Congratulations!

Jamie Iredell said...

Hey, thanks for posting, my friend.