Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I Otter

If you're already a devotee of Cute Overload (for which I shall NOT provide a link here), you have seen these photos by now. But I don't regularly look at that site, for the same reason why people in AA don't hang out in bars. Instead, you'll note, I hang out in bars.

But okay. My friend Jessamine sent me these a couple of days ago, of the two otter pups recently born in the San Diego Zoo. At first I resisted looking at the links, for the same reason why a yeah exactly. I finally succumbed tonight, and, swear to God... I LAUGHED for about five minutes. Has anything ever been so cute that it just makes you laugh uncontrollably? No? Well then, I submit for your consideration:

Photo #1
Photo #2



juleesing1 said...

Kittens! Come by my blog Amanda and see pics of kittens. I think they'll make you laugh, too.

Amanda said...

Julee! Thank you for reminding me. I just went there and I love it!!! The kittens are precious. I think they're both so pretty.