Monday, May 25, 2009

So There Is Something Here

My wifi signal is in and out right now, so I am not going to post anything mejor. My sister, Alex, has sent me a bunch of really great photos of her work, which I'll be posting soon enough. The paintings are beautiful and mostly of dogs and very cute.

I'm all sleepy and lazy. Been taking magnesium pills before bed again; this is supposed to make your dreams better and your sleep sounder, and ensure you get enough sleep. I guess it's not a surprise that they make me feel like going to sleep all day long. Normally I do not sleep very much. Since starting the magnesium regimen I've had a few awesome, vivid dreams. In one, I was taking the President's daughter out to lunch and during lunch received a phone call and was on the phone for a long time. The President came by to check on us, found me basically ignoring his daughter, and scowled disapprovingly at me. In another dream, I was a dowdy farm-girl type married to a guy who took me on a roller coaster ride for a treat, and the roller coaster got stuck at the very top while we were upside down.

I put my bike together and have been riding all over uptown. Today I want to do a Central Park loop.

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