Thursday, May 14, 2009


The grocery list book: it's going to be so swell. I am still accepting submissions -- mail or email me your latest grocery list, correspondence and explanations optional. The writing center is closing up for the summer after this week; thereafter I'll work on the grocery lists more, having the book all ready before the end of June if all goes right.


Last night at WHFR, our friend Liz (who is the best) told us about Food'lebrities, the blog that her brother and his bandmates have started. Six of us gathered 'round her laptop to look at it while she scrolled down every single page of the site. It made us laugh, applaud, boo, and, a couple of times, fall to our knees. Said Joe M. afterward, "That's one of the only times I've ever read every page of a blog. It was SO worth it." Note that they are accepting submissions from outsiders, too.


Ranger said...

"Goudacris" made me laugh until I cried. Tears of joy.

Amanda said...

I'm a big fan of "Trey Bananastasio" and "Andrew W Cake."

Amanda B. said...

ha HAHAHA haha ha ha HA. Tears streaming down my face as I hold back laughter in the middle of the library.

As soon as I'm done grading final exams, I'm making and submitting Andy Warhollandaise (if it's not already up there. I haven't had time to look through them all).