Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dan Brooks Has A New Blog!

My favorite thing that happens during hanging out with Dan Brooks, who is my ex-boyfriend, is when I tell him one of his own jokes that he made up years ago but forgot. He guffaws and applauds himself. It's the only type of joke I ever tell him that really makes him laugh. For example, he had a character called the Rhyming Pope, who illustrated the Catholic church's lesser-known powers of magic and sorcery. "If eternal life you seek, attend confession once a week!" The bit I reminded him of last night at dinner involved Dan sending pictures of his dick to literary journals. "Dear Paris Review, Enclosed please find a picture of my dick. This is a simultaneous submission. Pictures of my dick have been seen or are forthcoming in: Ploughshares, Atlantic Monthly, McSweeney's (internet)..." He went mad with glee, I tell you. I'm worried he might start actually doing that now, especially since I suggested that his dick could get nominated for a Pushcart.

Anyway, I've hesitated to announce this, because Dan is widely known for starting blogs that he abandons a few months later to everyone's profound chagrin. But he does have a "new" blog. It's called Combat! and is incisive/funny. I'm keeping the old one on the sidebar for now, which was about fatwas and also quite funny, but the new one is more current and... less incendiary? Wait, sorry, "more" incendiary. Meh, you be the judge. Here it is.

By the way, the Rhyming Pope is now operating on his summer schedule. "Vatican in month of June, office hours nine to noon. Vatican in month of May, office open all the day."


Kim said...

LOL @ the idea of sending weenie pics to litmags.

Amanda said...

He's a pistol, that Danger Brooks.