Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drawing Is The Panacea.*

So, we know that lately I've been down in the dumps. Yes? We all know this? OK, good. Today I decided, nudged by some unseen hand or other, to look through a file in my file cabinet that I have kept for 10 years or so, full of cartoons and notes. In it is a 2-page comic strip called "Un-Thought-Out Funnies" that's just a bunch of vignettes from the summer right after college, when I was roommates with Gabe. It is so, so touching and good (maybe just to me; hopefully not). I thought about posting it here, but I'd like to save it for another time, when I'm brave enough to compile all those real-life cartoons into one volume. And also, I think now is the time for me to draw another Un-Thought-Out Funnies similar to the one I did back then -- updated, still good, maybe better. And now I feel happier.

Anyway, yeah, it's odd that I should just say that: "Uh, I looked at something I did once! You can't see it!" but it bears mentioning, I think, for some reason.

*I had to look up the word "panacea" to make sure I was spelling it right.


Gabe said...

wasn't there a series of Brad Raider cartoons? that'd be a treat to see

Amanda said...

That darn Brad Raider! There were a few of those, yes.