Monday, June 29, 2009


Travis set me up on a blind date with the woman I would call The Cackler. Her power was that, when drunk and she laughed, her voice was the sound of comets colliding, if they did so in an atmosphere of oxygen, nitrogen, and the lovely ill-fated trace elements, where organisms lived that could hear the cataclysm.

That's a passage of Jamie Iredell's that I like a lot. Seriously, you should read this guy.

You can now pre-order the delightful chapbook WHEN I MOVED TO NEVADA, written by that same very talented Jamie, through this link right here, and you should. You might remember my mentions of his previous books BEFORE I MOVED TO NEVADA and ATLANTA, both of which I endorse heartily. Yes?

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Jamie Iredell said...

am naz you r very cool