Monday, June 8, 2009


Hey! Reader! If you have never heard Nazario Scenario before, you should try and listen to it sometime maybe. An archive of my shows from the past year and a half-ish is here.

The "comments" section on WHFR shows is relatively new, but today is, I think, a good time to promote it. So: listen to a show, then try clicking on the show's description to leave a comment. There is plenty to discuss, because I love to play music about which I'm misinformed, and technical errors abound also. That's not meant to be funny.

Also, I am going to be DJing at the Ding Dong Lounge this Wednesday (6/10) and next Friday (6/19). You should come out.

Also, here is a map I made recently because Steve and I were talking about this particular geographic area.


ryan manning said...

WHFR is a low power radio station at 270 watts in Dearborn, Michigan which is operated by Henry Ford Community College.

Amanda said...

That's true. It's also what we call Washington Heights Free Radio:

(No offense meant to HFCC or their station, ever, I hope I don't need to say.)