Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coffee Quit Fail

Today was the first day in many, many days that did not begin for me with a cup of coffee. Instead, I got up and walked Tug, then returned here to his home and fed him.

Then, unwilling to do anything else for the couple of hours before my brunch appointment, I went back to sleep.

I slept through my brunch appointment and called and cancelled it. I felt bad that I had to cancel on the nice person who I'd made the appointment with.

Then I went back to sleep.

I had a dream in which I took a scary cooking class with chef Alton Brown where everyone had to shell and fry up a different type of seafood, but many of the seafoods were grotesque facsimiles of mammals. One kind looked just like little blood-red babies and were called "demons." "Ooh, Bruce just made a nice broth with bear shrimp and demons," someone said. My assigned seafood was clams, but I never got to cook or eat any of my clams because they were so hard to open. Chef Alton Brown knelt in front of me and asked me, "Do you have heartbreak?" Then he asked the date I had brought to the class, "Why is she weird?" My date said, "We're both weird," and I noticed that he looked all grey and sickly. My mom was there too.

I woke up and felt sad. I walked Tug again. Then I turned on the radio, returned to bed, and listened to the radio for an hour while snoozing.

Then I arose and made myself a cup of coffee, which I am drinking now.

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