Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not Overwhelmed With Anything

My family's gone (snif!) and it is once again "my time." I've come to realize that a few of my record albums are missing, presumably because I forgot them at the Ding Dong sometime lately when I was there. So I have to go there when they open today, to see if they are still there. And I hope they are. This is the only thing I'm currently overwhelmed with, if you can even call it being overwhelmed. "Whelmed," more like.

The three missing record albums:

J. Geils Band, Hotline
The Cowsills, The Cowsills
A.C. Newman, Get Guilty

I'm sure there are more which I will discover sometime soon are missing and then I'll get angrier. For now I have to cope with the possible loss of these three and not FTFO about it.

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