Monday, August 3, 2009

The Atlantic City Business

I was in Atlantic City yesterday (Sunday)!

Barry Graham is a very nice guy, and I'm really grateful to him for inviting me down and letting me read. It's too bad that my work schedule didn't allow for a longer visit, because the writers who were already there seemed to have had a rollicking weekend full of guerilla-style word-sharing and weird-smelling beach that I'm sorry to have missed. Everyone I met there seemed cool.

OK, so, I made it down to the boardwalk in the nick of time for the reading to begin, having taken the new "ACES" train that expresses between AC and NYC on the weekends. Thumbs up to the ACES train, by the way. While writers gathered in the bandshell behind Bally's, beside the Korean War memorial, the sky darkened scarily. We decided to walk a little ways down and stand under a small rain shelter instead. This proved wise, and also dramatic, as thunder, heavy rain, and high winds punctuated everyone's performance. We all stayed moderately dry. The piece I ended up reading was a draft of this strange story about a girl who thinks she has herpes; I hadn't read it anywhere before and I'm not sure how great a choice it was for a venue like that (or was it perfect?). Anyway, everyone else did awesomer and was nice to me, though I'm sure they all wondered if I had herpes. Afterward I hit the slot machines for hours and hours -- ended up down about forty dollars, but I'd gambled so much that it felt like I had won. I'll get the whole "slots" thing figured out soon enough.

Today, my Facebook account got hacked and posted spam on everyone's walls that I know. I was monumentally pissed about it; it almost, almost ruined my day. I'm over it now, thinking about ordering Mexican for dinner. I think that brings us up to speed.

OH EXCEPT! Dave Madden, a talented and handsome friend of mine who has a book about the history of taxidermy, and who is probably forty IQ points smarter than me, has written about the Nazario Scenario mobile project for a brand-new "Third-Person Blogging" feature on his site. Check the interview, etc. out here!

The Bipolar Glass of Iced Tea strip below is a rerun.

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