Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blog Readin'

For the first time in months, I just clicked on all the blogs on my sidebar. What a joyous and also humbling experience! Chad and Jamie both said complimentary things about my SLQ story, like, a while ago. Kim wrote an inspiring entry inspired by the Sewanee conference, which is where she and I met last year. Kevin Wilson boosted my van project. In addition to promoting emerging writers Scott Garson continued to talk a lot about rock music, which I always enjoy. Ryan Call's blog is not even really a blog in the traditional sense anymore, and must be seen to be believed. Amanda Bock's blog ceases to exist. I can't ever say enough good things about Helen's photos, so I will say again that they're great, and I got to look at a few more that I hadn't seen. And Joe M. posted the best video EVER of a bunch of suburban Dutch kids dancing around their mopeds at twilight. (He also made his font enormous, so elderly people can read his blog now if they would like to.)

I apologize to you all for not having visited your blogs in so long a time. I'm really glad I did it tonight, because it made me appreciative and grateful that we have a friendship/association/admiration. Yes, I am sober writing this, though the can of Pepsi I'm drinking may have made me a little over-ebullient.

Updating my blog links now.

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