Monday, August 24, 2009

Food Has Inspired Us

Melissa Range, my very excellent poet friend, is now a professor at the University of Missouri in Columbia and has decided to arrange her creative writing class around the theme of food/eating. That is wonderful, though its wonderfulness is hardly surprising, considering how cool and inventive Ranger is, at her core.

But guess what else! She has decided to teach, as one of her texts, THE GROCERY LIST ZINE. Can I tell you how happy that makes me, that a little photocopied Elmer's-glued shitass DIY job like that -- MINE! -- will actually be distributed to Melissa's students to help them learn!?!?!?

Oh wow, it makes me happy indeed. Thank you, Melissa. And thank you, other writers who contributed your grocery lists and let me use them as a (this is a cliche by now, but still) "jumping-off point" for my boundless if slightly frazzled creativity.




Ranger said...

You are nice to call me a professor. Ha! "Freaking-out-PhD-student/GTA-with-good-intentions" is more like it.

I can only hope they are inspired to create their own grocery list 'zines!

Amanda said...

I profess that you are the best TA they will ever have.

Amanda B. said...

Aw d00d, I'm a kickass TA, too - but my duties here at NAZARATIVITY are apparently relegated to providing slightly disturbing videos and being the scapegoat for your sub-par Word Twist performance. And being Gloppy, which I will never forgive you for as that monstrous picture now shows up in google images when searching for me. I never get credit for anything good!! Eat a dick. <3