Monday, August 31, 2009

Late Summer

Yes, I had a nice Sunday (yesterday). Vern and I biked across the Manhattan Bridge and almost fell off our bikes when we went over the two giant bumps towards the end of the bridge span, right where it starts to go downhill and you start to pick up crazy momentum. It was scary and exhilarating. Will's band, the Octagon, were playing in Gowanus in a weird venue that looked like an art gallery and I think was. They were great. Then I went home and made some fried corn-off-the-cob and ate it and took a shower, and then I went to see Howlies AGAIN (at the Mercury Lounge) after already having seen them on Friday but this time Jonhayro came with me. I then gossiped with Jonhayro about work, family, and dating -- he is always good for that. Howlies drummer Aaron W. told me all about their trip to Graceland and showed me his TCB-in-a-lightning-flash necklace. It impressed me. Later, the guy at Bereket stuffed my sandwich so full of grilled lamb that the pita split open in the cab and grease and meat spilled all over my lap.


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Amanda said...

I could have said The Main Ingredient, who first recorded that song. Wait, that would have been so much funnier!

I understand that I am an idiot.