Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Send Confidence

Today is weird. I'm thinking about good things, like teaching myself how to play guitar with the nice guitar Mike Solomon loaned me last week and little baby bunnies. But I'm also kind of anxious and nervous. What if everything I've ever tried fails? How do I set aside the time to do the work necessary to prevent said failure? Have I shot myself in the foot by wanting (and trying) to do a million different things, rather than abiding by the old "do one thing and do it well" saw? Life is really tough sometimes. Isn't it.

In my work, I'd like to think I am motivated by the light of truth that lives in us all, but manifests slightly differently in each individual and that's why everyone's voice is unique. Not by panic or the fear that if I don't do something people won't like me.

This happens to me every few months. To you too, maybe. If it does happen to you, I want to know -- but if it feels like too emo a subject for the comments section I of course understand.

I'm now going to post a YouTube of something ridiculous, to leave you with a residue of glee.


Amanda B. said...

oh SHIT dude. Krispy Kritters!
We always used to sing it:

Oh here comes Crispy Critters
A good, wholesome bunch
The low-sugar cereal
That'll eat you for lunch

In 4th grade, this was very funny.

Amanda said...

I'm sure, as 4th-graders in 1987, you also appreciated the Jimmy Durante impression.

Mark Reep said...

A residue of glee is always good. Dunno that the periodic self-questioning- Is this or that really worthwhile, is it time to be sensible, move on to something else, all the usual- every wholly go away. Approaching fifty- which probably makes me among the more, ah, oldschool readers of your blog- and I've certainly not outgrown. Maybe that's a good thing. The trick of course is to always consider calmly, without panicking (sp? shrug :) and then shake your head briefly, and resume what you were doing.

Amanda said...

...and don't blog about it. Right? :)