Thursday, August 27, 2009


I believe in tarot cards, all right? The reading I did for myself the other day ended with the Ten of Swords, the card that depicts a dead guy lying on the beach with ten swords in his back. Does this mean that I, who have spent much of the past year feeling like the heroine of a Lars von Trier film, am to experience ANOTHER shitty episode that will make me temporarily wish I were dead? I really hope that doesn't happen, especially because I thought things with me were finally starting to go okay.

Pfft, I know the superstitiousness is dumb. Feel free to berate me for it, especially since we're on the eve of destruction and all.

(I love songs about nukes and the world ending. Some favorites: "Eve of Destruction," "Atomic Power," "Political Science," "Five Years.")

It should be obvious to everyone that all that remains to be mentioned now is Donnie Wahlberg's Twitter feed. He's always enticing people to "twug" him and to "twug it out" when there's drama or stress or something; also, he calls his fans "soldiers" and himself "D-Dub." Let's all be more like him. A LOT more.

Awwww, "Then He Kissed Me" just came up on the iTunes shuffle. Awwwww.

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S.K. Azoulay said...

Five Years is the best song ever ever ever.