Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have two YouTubes to share, since A. Bock has abdicated her responsibilities in this department. Both of them came from her via another source. Both have started to loom large in my legend.

First, this. Notable for being sent to me by Matt Burnette-Lemon mere hours after Bock sent it, so I suspect it's "viral," unlike most of the diamonds in the rough I get from her.

Next, this, by the pop group Green Leaves aka GREENL. The catchiest song you have heard in a long time, and also I defy you not to be completely delighted by the video. My sister and I can't stop singing "Yatta!" to each other (often while doing the dance), and neither can Amanda Bock and I, or Diana and JP, or Heaven only knows how many other duos and groups of people. Look, even that old lady loves it!


Amanda B. said...

you! you! you! you!

Amanda said...

You will be very happy to know that yesterday I txted my sister "It's so easy... a-happy go-lucky..." and she txted back, "you! you! you! you! us! us! us! us!"

This is the truth. I wouldn't lie to you.