Saturday, August 8, 2009

Word Twist Is The Joy Of My Life

Seriously, what would I do without Word Twist? How long would it otherwise have taken me to learn that NIFF and PARA are real words? And how else, living as far away from them as I do, would I be able to consistently antagonize Amanda B. and Steve without fisticuffs?

To properly express the elation I feel the moment I realize the 7-letter bingo in the WT game I'm playing is something naughty, like RAMRODS or TITBITS, would be impossible.

And it's the perfect -- THE PERFECT -- activity to perform while drinking iced coffee and listening to music, on a Saturday morning OR AT ANY OTHER TIME OF THE DAY OR WEEK. You, people who drive, speak often of the peace you feel when driving around and listening to music. For now, Word Twist provides me with that feeling. For now.

Scramble is also pretty fun.

I don't do crossword puzzles anymore, but I really should start that up again too.


Here, again, is the link to the grants site where you can put in your pledge for the DJ van. I'm sometimes whimsical in my tone and diction when discussing the project, but I am actually serious about this -- I need help to raise these funds, and I hope I get it. Thank you, so much, in advance.


Steve said...

Oh, I can't listen to music while I play Word Twist. I require total concentration.

Amanda said...

I sometimes turn the music off when I am nearing the end of a heated match. But usually, yeah, the two go hand in hand for me.

Amanda B. said...

Generally I listen to music, talk on the phone, brush my teeth, close my eyes, nod off, and so on. Somewhere around the 1-minute mark I start yelling, "MAN, my opponents are EFFING RETARDS" and walk away from the laptop in disgust. That's my winning strategy. You're welcome for sharing it.