Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dream: September 22, 2009

I was at a Q & A panel about a movie, featuring the lead actor and one other person who I think was a producer. All of the attendees at this heavily-attended event (besides me) were actors, pretty men and women wearing clothes that were brightly-colored or sequined or otherwise attention-getting. Eugene Mirman was there, I think he was curating it. While answering the questions, the actor and producer seemed uncomfortable and like there were aspects of the film they didn't want to discuss. Finally someone asked both of them about their relationship with the film's director (who wasn't there), and they hemmed and hawed and looked extremely mad and uneasy. I interrupted and said something like, "You know, maybe you were both just nervous about being around so many people, especially so many writers -- a screenplay always has a lot of writers -- and that contributed to whatever went wrong." Immediately, everyone in the audience looked at each other like they were suspicious of something, and then people started leaving the room. Everyone left very quickly and it was clear that the event had abruptly ended. On my way up a staircase to a different room, I remarked to Eugene Mirman that the talk had ended rather suddenly, and he replied, "Well, yeah, because of that thing YOU said. Why did you have to say that?" Until then I'd had no idea it was because of me. Glittery sparkly-dressed people were climbing the stairs all around me and I stayed where I was. Finally I saw a friend of mine standing at the bottom of the stairs and complained to him. He told me I shouldn't worry and that everything I had said was inoffensive. I was so grateful that I kissed him on the mouth. Then he said he was being sarcastic and he actually did believe that my interjection was kind of stupid.

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